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It took some time, but now that legalization has taken place, Canadian retailers can now carry a range of products, including but not limited to dried flower and cbd oil variations. This is providing patients with a cleaner alternative to smoking. Taking oils requires no special equipment to consume and usually comes conveniently packaged in discrete small bottles.

What are CBD Oils?

Cannabis oils are the extracts from the plants that have been dissolved into a base of oil, typically coconut oil or olive oil thus creating a liquid that can be orally consumed through tinctures. Depending on the strain used, some can be higher in THC content while others can have a higher CBD ratio. The CBD compound contributes to wellness while also counteracting the psychoactive effects THC is known for.

Through research and development of dried bud, producers are now able to manipulate the compounds to create an ideal THC:CBD ratio. Making it plausible to find a much higher concentration of CBD oil then found in the dried bud.

What’s the best way to consume CBD Oil?

There are many options when consuming cannabis oils. Most of the oils on the market presently come with droppers, this can be used to place the oil under your tongue or over the tongue. This method is called the “sublingual” application, it enables the active components to be absorbed by the mucous membranes in the mouth. This method bypasses your digestive system and delivers active ingredients straight into the consumer’s bloodstream.

Another option is to ingest the oil by putting it directly into your favourite food or drink. While others will still use it to make cannabis-infused butter or oil for home-made edibles. This delivery method of the active ingredients pass through the GI tract taking its time to administer its way through the body’s system.

How much should I be taking?

This is subjective and based on an individual need or case by case basis. Most patients begin with a trial and error process to see what works best for their specific conditions. Experts suggest starting low and go slow. It’s best practice to start with a low amount of oil and document your results. How did you feel? Was your pain ever-present? Should you not notice a change, increase the dosage incrementally until you achieve the results you’re looking for. Rule of thumb is that one millilitre or one full dropper is considered one dose, but you can certainly begin with less. The amount of CBD in one bottle is present on the nutrition facts label of each bottle.

How long will the effects last and how long to feel them?

Different methods of ingestion bring different results. When you inhale cannabis you feel the effect almost immediately, within a few minutes and typically will last about 2 hours. When you’re ingesting Cannabis oil, it can take a bit longer,  approximately 1-2 hours,  but the effects can last upwards of 5 to 6 hours.

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