MCC Corp.

MCC is a Canadian based commercial construction company and the in-house construction company of CannaPiece Group. They offer site planning, consulting, architecture and design based on specific commercial usage needs. MCC is the leading builder in diverse market segments and offers a turn-key operation, in which anyone can approach them with an idea for building or retrofitting a commercial property.

At MCC, all of the necessary permits are taken care of so that their clients can have the most efficient and hassle-free experience possible.

MCC will take care of operations from the beginning stages of consultation and site planning to create a forward path for new developments of buildings and infrastructure. The cost estimating, planning and scheduling systems have been shaped over time by industry professionals with years of experience.

MCC works together with their clients to create an integrated solution that may include engineering, fabrication, construction, architecture, design, and procurement. From the early stages of design, they take the crucial steps needed to provide quality results. They make certain that the overall project reflects their client’s requirements and brand identity, as well as meets the standards of both the client and the team.

MCC’s most recent project includes a state-of-the-art indoor facility in Pickering, Ontario. This is where CannaPiece Corp operates as a Licenced Producer. This processing and manufacturing facility is equipped with the highest level of security and exceptional operating practices that puts the company on track to becoming EU GMP certified.

MCC strives through professionalism, diversity, and passion, in order to pave the path forward in the commercial construction industry.