Green Valley Wellness

Green Valley Wellness is dedicated to assisting patients in obtaining their legal authorization through the  Access To Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations (ACMPR). We assist our patients to be able to improve their quality of life by consulting about different  holistic medicines and making healthier life choices.

Green Valley Wellness believes in compassionate consulting. Aside from business GVW enjoys leisure time on our group outings with our patients. We strongly believe in the power of socialization and hope to make our patients lives more comfortable. Please join us on our journey to happiness.

Green Valley Wellness provides the following services:

  • Consulting for medical and non medical cannabis patients
  • Consulting for growing medical cannabis
  • Connecting patients with premium licensed producers
  • Consulting for other holistic medicines

Green Valley Wellness also

  • Organize senior educational sessions and outings
  • Monthly appreciation gifts for patients
  • Educate communities and certain levels of Government