CannaPiece Corp is a contract manufacturer of cannabis and hemp, seeking to establish new standards in providing the industry with services and products to cover the gaps in the supply chain.

Operating in Pickering, Ontario, CannaPiece Corp is a wholly-owned subsidiary of CannaPiece Group. CannaPiece Corp is licenced under Health Canada to provide a complete selection of high quality services to other Licenced Producers ranging from; Large-scale Extraction, Third-Party Processing, R&D, Packaging, Product Development, Production of Edibles, Topicals and Concentrates as well as White-Labeled products to both Domestic and International markets.

We strive to be one of the most trusted and reliable manufacturing facilities in Canada, while still maintaining a very clean and environmentally friendly footprint.

CannaPiece Corp is motivated to deliver and preserve the quality and consistency of its cannabis processing for the clients who entrust in their services. The processing and manufacturing facility is equipped with the highest level of security and exceptional operating practices that puts the company on track to becoming EU GMP certified.